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Reasons Why Professional Videographer Cannot Work for Free

Dear potential video buyer, If you have been directed to this page, it is likely that you have requested the use of a video, image or images for free or minimal compensation. As professional videographer or photograhper, we receive requests for free images on a regular basis. In a perfect world, each of us would love to be able to respond in a positive manner and assist, especially with projects or efforts related to areas such as education, social issues, and conservation of natural resources. It is fair to say that in many cases, we wish we had the time and resources to do more to assist than just send photographs. Unfortunately, such are the practicalities of life that we are often unable to respond, or that when we do, our replies are brief and do not convey an adequate sense of the reasons underlying our response. Circumstances vary for each situation, but we have found that there are a number of recurring themes, which we have set out below with the objective of communicating more clearly with you, and hopefully avoiding misunderstandings or unintentionally engendering ill will. Please take the following points in the constructive manner in which they are intended. We certainly hope that after you have had a chance to read this, we will be able to talk again and establish a mutually beneficial working relationship. Filming is Our Livelihood Creating compelling images is the way we make our living. […]

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Drift at Dubai Autodrome


We were hired by the team of the very talented Photographer Shiji Ulleri to cover the drifting competition at Dubai Autodrome. Some of the best Drifters took part in the event and we had so much fun in filming all this from a Drone. The results were mind blowing. Have a look… +971506359452

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HABTOOR CITY Night Aerial Shots


  Recently we completed night aerial photography for HABTOOR City.  HABTOOR City is a marvellous project right in the middle of the city with luxury hotel and residences.  Chopper shoot was commissioned for the aerial photography and video for the Twilight Shots by drone and helicopter. We can’t wait to post the pictures once they are released in media Team […]

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Drone: Sports City

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 13.23.25                       Richard Gold Films hired Chopper Shoot Productions LLC for the Drone Aerial Filming for Els Golf Club in Dubai Sports City. We got some stunning Aerial shots of the Golf Course. For any Aerial Filming inquiries please call us on +971506359452 or

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